artwork > OBSESSION

Series of 18 bromoil photographs
each 52 x 47 cms

This work Obsession continues the theme started with Transitions as well as the practice of taking stills from a moving flow of video imagery. Now the space has a three dimensionality, with the suggestion of a door and an open window though still confined in a mirror image. The figures feel isolated, lost even, yet have a sense of belonging; alone, sometimes facing the viewer as if requiring witness. They contain a feeling of searching, loss, resignation and acceptance; presence and dissolution.

These images were made as bromoil prints. A bromoil is a hand-made photographic print in which the original silver image is replaced with one consisting of an oil pigment, using brushes. The process is a marriage of photography, printmaking and painting, uneasy at times because of having to work with incompatible materials - namely wet paper and oily lithographic ink – but nevertheless offering a narrow opportunity to tangibly inscribe within the photographic trace.