BELINDA WHITING  photographic artist

Transitions l
Transitions ll
Transitions lll
Transitions lV
Transitions V
Transitions VlTransitions Dancer lTransitions Dancer llTransitions Dancer lllTransitions Dancer lV
Transitions l - Vl
sequence of 6 images
photographic stills from video
archival inkjet prints

Transitions Dancer l - lV
photographic stills from video
archival inkjet prints

These images are stills taken from the video So near so far the distance between us and are part of a body of work using dance movement to assist the process of coming to terms with a deep personal loss. The dimensions are deliberately flat and the space confined and claustrophobic; the movements continue in one plane, often repeating alongside a wall, while occasionally they are directed against it. They relate to the yearning to move beyond, combined with the knowledge of that impossibility and the acceptance of death’s powerful reality.

From this video, six images Transitions l - Vl were made, which explore the sequencing of multiple images and a narrative of endlessly still-ed, held moments of presence and loss.

Transitions Dancer l - lV are single image stills