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Sophie’s Story gives an account of my daughter's life and early death, aged three. Written to assist the mourning process and confronting loss and grief it is nevertheless a celebratory reflection on a young life. Using simple words and alternating with photographs from the family album, it was written to enhance understanding (particularly for a younger audience) of the reality of a short life that was both ordinary and exceptional.
A copy of Sophie’s Story was first shown in a major international exhibition at The National Media Museum in Bradford, then in Denmark and Canada and was included in a documentary series for Channel Four. The book was printed in 2012 in the hope of getting it out into the hands of those for whom it could be useful and in particular to assist children to approach and talk about the subject of loss in a caring and straightforward way.

"A very beautiful and deeply moving book and a wonderful introduction for children to the subject of death and loss. The combination of text and photographs personalises in the most tactful of ways the wonders of a short sweet life."
(James Kent Film Director/Producer)

"This beautifully written story is a highly moving account of love and loss. It would be a wonderful vehicle for helping children to increase their understanding of the power of love and of loss, but also our ability to recover." (Amazon review)

"This is a gentle book - a highly positive and joyful story, and very accessible to children as it is written with such clarity and care. I strongly recommend it for children and adults alike." (Amazon review)

Copies of the hardback book Sophie's Story can be purchased from Belinda via this website (see CONTACT). Cost £9.99 +£1.50 postage