BELINDA WHITING  photographic artist
EMBODIMENT: Body Mind SpiritEmbodiment : BodyEmbodiment : MindEmbodiment : Spirit
One of the underlying themes in my work is the relationship between presence and absence and in particular the habitation of a body within a dwelling space over time, to consider a state of permanence or constancy set against a fleeting, moving and transient occupancy: the human condition.

This work - a triptych of three sets of twelve images, brings together and completes several cycles of work undertaken in recent years, involving these themes. It touches on beginnings and endings, presence and loss, cycles of erosion and change, something beyond the corporeal that is indefinable. Through the use of photography and the attempt to portray the stilled-live moment, the images work to embody fleeting yet perpetual presence, while equally denoting loss and enduring absence.